ALGENESS DF 3.5% Concentration: 3.5% Purified Agarose Indication: Deep volumetric filling Injection Depth: Subdermal | Supra-Periosteal Duration: 10 – 15 months or more Volume: 2 Syringes x 1,4ml


ALGENESS VL 2.5% Concentration: 2.5% Purified Agarose Indication: Medium-deep volumizing Injection Depth: Subdermal | Supra-Periosteal Duration: 8 – 12 months or more Volume: 2 Syringes x 1,4ml


ALGENESS HD 1.5% Concentration: 1.5% Purified Agarose Indication: Medium correction Injection Depth: Subdermal Duration: 4 – 8 months or more Volume: 2 Syringes x 1,4ml


ALGENESS LD 1% Concentration:  1% Purified Agarose Indication:  Soft correction Injection Depth:  Subdermal Duration:  3 – 4 months or more Volume:  2 Syringes x 1,4ml

Aliaxin EV

Aliaxin® EV is a volumizing filler, which due to its rheological properties, is ideal for deep injection into facial tissues. Aliaxin® EV is particularly suitable for restoring volume and facial proportion without altering the morphological characteristics of the patient’s face. INDICATIONS: Zygomatic area Jawline Temples (deep) Clinical studies of Aliaxin EV HYALURONIC ACID: MOLECULAR WEIGHTS […]

Aliaxin GP

GLOBAL PERFORMANCE The duration of Aliaxin® GP makes it unique, guaranteeing a long-lasting action and a good lifting effect of deep folds.   The gel has an optimum viscosity and plasticity for intradermal treatments of the most common facial imperfections. INDICATIONS: Glabella Nasolabial folds Marionette lines Tear trough Aliaxin GP clinical studies HYALURONIC ACID: MOLECULAR […]

Aliaxin SR

Aliaxin® SR is a unique filler for its innovative technology, which it shares with all Aliaxin® fillers, and for its formulation. Its high elasticity and spreadability creates a uniform diffusion in the dermal tissue, resulting in a natural and homogeneous filler treatment aimed at areas of the face and neck, but also in particularly sensitive […]


Dermaregen is a cosmeceutical product designed for use in dermatological applications. It is formulated with a variety of natural compounds, including herbal extracts, vitamins, and antioxidants, to address various skin concerns such as aging, hyperpigmentation, and hydration. Cosmeceuticals like Dermaregen are becoming increasingly popular for their non-invasive approach to skincare. In the context of skincare […]


LifeViz: A portable 3D facial imaging system Transform the patient journey Award-winning Best Aesthetic Device, Lifeviz is designed to show the face in 3D. Known for its image quality and accuracy, the 3D imaging system is a portable, compact and user-friendly solution for estheticians, dermatologists, cosmetic and plastic surgeons. Repeatable images are possible without relocating […]


What is AgeJET PlasmaRejuvenation? The AgeJET device converts nitrogen gas into energy, which is then transferred through the handpiece using controlled, ultra-high radiofrequency to penetrate and heat the tissue of the dermis to stimulate new elastin and collagen growth while removing damaged collagen. AgeJET offers significant improvements when compared to older resurfacing technology. In the […]