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IBSA Institue Biochemique SA is a private pharmaceutical company founded in 1945 by a group of Swiss biologists. IBSA started out nationally in Lugano, Switzerland, but is quickly becoming a fully focused company worldwide.

Modern knowledge and extensive research as well as technological development in the provision of pharmaceutical production processes have made IBSA as a leader in one of the largest pharmaceutical and hyaluronic acid production companies in the field of developing Dermoaesthetic skin treatment and beauty programs.


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New management

A new strategy

This large pharmaceutical company has expanded its global reputation since 1985 and has officially entered the skin field since 2010, so that now IBSA Group is actively present in 70 countries around the world. The new management of this company has adopted the strategy of optimizing the use of active raw materials with the aim of developing therapeutic technology in order to improve the results and satisfaction of patients.

In fact, IBSA uses unique technology and due to its extensive monitoring from the beginning of the production process and so on All R&D stages of scientific research until the creation of the final injectable product have placed themselves among the top companies in the world. This company is a specialist in the field of hyaluronic acid production and produces 21 million products containing pure hyaluronic acid.

As a result of this massive business revolution, IBSA currently has around 1,300 employees worldwide. Its products including 7 main therapeutic areas are distributed in 5 continents and more than 80 countries. So, this company finished about 14 million vials of hormonal drugs, more than 300 million soft gel capsules and about 60 million packages of products. These numbers indicate a worthy success.

In addition, this company is active in 7 treatment fields, the most important of which are 3 fields: skin, rheumatology and fertility hormones.

The skin and beauty department of this company offers a full range of products based on the concept of the Hydrolift® action phenomenon, which consists of hydration and skin lifting properties, including Viscoderm®, Aliaxin®, Profhilo®.

This phenomenon of hydrolift is a unique new method of the factory IBSA is a medication that leads to an increase in the natural hyaluronic acid lost in the skin tissue, an increase in water absorption and hydration to the tissue, as well as an increase in the elasticity of the skin. This phenomenon is the expression of the synergistic effect derived from hyaluronic acid, selected and produced with the patented IBSA technology that provides favorable conditions to prevent and combat the aging process.